The Bushmen live in the eastern part of Namibia, the land of the Bushman region is located around the town of South Park Tsumkwe National Kaudom and extending southwards to the National Park and the Waterberg.

The Bushman count among the earliest inhabitants of Namibia ago a few thousand years they were present on the majority of the territory of what present-day Namibia. Sites like the rock carvings of Twyfelfontein demonstrate their presence in what is now the region of Damaraland.

They are just as Hottentots Nama they recognize their morphology, small size, light complexion, prominent cheekbones Eurasian type, click a language.

The Bushmen are the original hunter-gatherers, they have a very thorough knowledge of their environment, wildlife and flora. This lifestyle has never pushed to adopt a hierarchical social structure and it is this lack of social structure and therefore potentially warrior who lost civilization Bushman. As and when the arrival of various ethnic groups they have been gradually relaxed to terrioires’s harshest desert Kalahari.

The main sites where you can meet Bushman are:

  • The Intu Afrika Lodge located north of Mariental And, this lodge is to be a reserve intended to maintain the lifestyle Bushman. Their method ethnic and encounters have been much criticized in a number of National Geographic, which part of marketing and humanism of this reserve is left to the decision of the traveler.
  • The region of the Gobabis Sandun Game Lodge, Zelda Guest Farm, Kalahari Bush Break (located approximately 2 hours drive to the east of Windhoek) offers you the opportunity to participate in several cultural activities: visiting Bushmen village, walking along by the bushmen. The Bushman was actually settled in this area you will find a more realistic picture of the Bushman.
  • Tsumkwe is the heart of Bushmanland Namibia, more isolated you get the most genuine encounter with, among others:
  • Roys Rest Camp near Grootfontein, they will lead you encounter a community situated to the east, ideally provide a day on site.
  • Nhoma Camp near Tsumkwe camp is the most invested with Bushman communities, offering a real encounter with walking activities, track animals to hunting.