Tourism fair, sustainable development … many formulas full of meaning to which the public is increasingly sensitive and witch are excessively used by marketers. How to recognize the sincerity and reality of the projects?
The consumer gets lost.

We are all affected by these themes but each of us have to be fair.
For example: what is the point of donating when at the market, we negotiate so hard the price of the craft that neither the seller nor the artisan will be able to live honorably?

The debate is wide, it is open and interesting. Namibian authorities are sensitive about this and they push investors and entrepreneurs to invest in development projects involving local communities. The Wilderness Lodge and Leading Lodge chains have established foundations organizing projects around the children, enabling them to discover their country and access to education.

Travelling through the country you will participate in the local economy and income support induced the development of regions visited. The intensity of the fallen and the perception that people have of tourism depends in part on the behavior of tourists.
Do not forget that these people have known of apartheid and therefore, in most cases, reserved towards foreigners, but if we give them the opportunity, we quickly realize that they are friendly and curious .

In this section, we list some projects that we have discovered, and that you could easily support by a grant or a visit.

Oaheraa Center at Maltahoe

Oaheraa Center at Malathoe

Property held by a francophone, Brian. This place is worth a stop, there is an African art shop with local produce and a restaurant. Brian has been involved with the local community, and organizes activities in order to support the fragile local economy by creating an interaction with tourists.

Peri Naua Association

Peri Naua association

Peri Naua, French association subsidizes, since 5 years, nursery school Ondundu near Tsumeb and created with the assistance of the Embassy of France, a nursery school Orwetoweni which opened its doors in January 2009. Both structures allow the education of disadvantaged children by giving them a broader social openness.

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Hangelo – Help in Africa

Help in Africa – Namibia – Grootfontein for the Education of the Little One’s

With Hangelo, Conni helps Shamelindi School situated not far from Grootfontein in the northern east of Namibia. This government school with very limited resources hosts many children from disadvantage families living in difficult conditions. Connie supports this school and these children by allowing them access to basic education, a daily meal and also a medical care. Connie has built a kindergarten in his farm.

If you want to support Connie and his projects, please visit him, it is also possible to spend one or two nights at Maori campsite.


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