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Our approach to tourism in southern Africa:

Tourmaline Safaris cc is a Namibian Tour Operator who’s aim is to organise and promote exceptional quality safaris across southern Africa.

Created by a group of guides in 1999, Tourmaline Safaris is run by a team of experienced individuals who have excellent knowledge in the field of safaris.

When Tourmaline Safaris was created, it was born from an obsession with landscapes, light, animal behaviour, and more importantly, the practice of tourism in harmony with the environment and local communities.

Since then, our small company has grown, and with it, a responsibility: to align our own operations with our concern for the protection of the environment and the way in which our business impacts local communities.

Ecotourism, fair tourism, responsible tourism… very popular expressions. But how can we be sure that we respect the freedom of others in the country?

How can we ensure that we aid in the development of local communities while we remain eco-friendly?

Can we work with communities and ensure guest activities that allow, amongst other things, for the employment of local staff?

The debate continues among the members of our team:

  • How far does our responsibility go?
  • What power and authority do we have to decide what is good or bad for our country and its people?

As a local operator, we’re the intermediaries between you as a traveler and the many service providers in the country. We’re there, and have a duty, to provide information to you and often to prevent possible transgressions.

In order to promote the standard of tourism in Namibia and to support environmentally friendly and community-based tourism, Tourmaline Safaris is a member of two Namibian associations, TASA and TOSCO.

TASA is a voluntary private sector body acting on behalf of its members to encourage the development of business tourism in Namibia, to ensure compliance and reliability of the tourism industry in Namibia and defend the common interests of its members. As a member of TASA, Tourmaline Safaris is committed to Namibian regulations, to maintain the high standards and quality criteria defined by TASA and to have insurance fit for the tourism sector. It’s a guarantee of quality and reliability to our passengers.

More info:

TOSCO is a non-profit organisation linking local communities, conservation organizations, scientists and the tourism industry to each other. In supporting local conservation projects and people who share their land with wildlife, TOSCO helps preserve the natural heritage of Namibia.

Frédéric Belantin, founder of Tourmaline Safaris cc


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