Meet the cats




Namibia is world wide known for its cat population, from lions, cheetahs, leopards to caracals and wild cats.
Many lodges and tourist structure offers activities about this topic but considering what is at stake, mistakes should not be done, for safety as well as respect towards this magnificient animals.

A cat discovery can be done in the best or the worse context and we feel like our role is to make sure you make the right choice.
You will find below a selection of structures who are doing it right, in terms of information, project, respect and safety.
Tourism is then a way of support a specific conservation project and not a finality.

Cheetah Conservation Fund at Otjiwarongo, this internationally recognized organization is one of the best information site in Namibia and in the world about cheetahs. Safaris and encounters with the cats are possible through the Cheetah run and the Belebono Safaris. A very interesting project with Anatolian shepperd dog to protect cattle from predators is also taking place at the CCF, in order to deal with the “human/predator conflict”

Okonjima lodge and the Africat fundation are equally situated close to Otjiwarango, the cheetah capital of the world, specialised on predators. Their working center can be visited to learn more about their job & project. Their permanent residents (non releasable lions, cheetas and leopard) can also be visited in excellent conditions, with a professionnal AfriCat guide.