Tailor made Incentive travel in Namibia



Tailor made Incentive travel in Namibia

Our mission, oriented to the “customization”, predestined us to develop our activities on specialized groups.

For 10 years we do in Southern Africa, we were able to implement and demonstrate our expertise.
Committees of multinational companies, trade unions, EC groups of various multinational … many operations on which we can bring you more details.
These operations have been, in most cases, held through an intermediary type Specialized Agency or Tour Operator, it is difficult to name them on an online topic.


For the event to be representative of the image and success of your business, to succeed in this program you can not afford to lose, everything must be perfect, everything has to be expected.
To succeed, you need a match that you know will not disappoint.

  • Incentives
  • Travel Reward
  • Team building


This event must be original, tailored to you, to your customers, to your partners…it’s why you need a speaker to listening you, sensitive and eager to bring you a suitable program.


You do not want a standard program, already seen. In your business, you need to show your imagination and originality, you must stand out. Creating dreams, achieve perfection, to the limit of reality to transport your passengers through an unforgettable experience.

  • Exceptional activities such as rafting, quad, golf, balloon flights
  • Circuits or extension with private air travel
  • 4X4 Raid

All these elements can be integrated with a delivery that must be established and tailored to suit your goals.

You have a project, you want to reward your sales, motivate a team, thank a customer …

We are at your service, thank you to not hesitate to contact us using the form.

Example of an exceptional operation

Members of the association of diamond St Eloi were the first visitors “tourist” allowed into the mine in the heart of the Oranjemund forbidden zone.

Other examples :

  • CAPE TOWN: Cape Point, the Wine Route
  • Oranjemund: Diamond Mine, dream
  • SWAKOPMUND: Boat cruise, schools of dolphin and sea lion colonies
  • Sesriem: The world’s largest sand dunes, red sand and a spa for massage.