Atlantic Street, Walvis Bay, Namibia (0)



Kayaking on the atlantic ocean along the very special namibian coast is always a highlight of each trip.

Protected by the sand tip of Pelican Point, the trip takes place in the quiet water of Walvis bay semi-lagoon. Either coming from Etosha, Damaraland or the Namib desert, it is a surprisingly discovery to sail in an area where encounters with Seals, Dolphins, Pelicans, thousands of Cormorans and sometimes whales (Humpback and Southern right) are commun.
There is always something new and it is such a nice breath of fresh marine air!

The Pelican Point Tour

Jeanne meets you with her 4×4 loaded with kayaks at the edge of the Lagoon, close to Mola Mola office.
A drive of approximately 45mn is necessary to get to the end of pelican point.

On the road, discovery of Walvis Bay Lagoon, Salines and birdwatching is an interest on its own.

Once at the departure spot close to the lighthouse, you start kayaking, duo or on your own, visiting the seal colony, looking for the dolphin, with cormorans passing by.

The guide leading the tour keeps on eye on you and on everything interesting that might show up.

On the return a breakfast with hot coffee or tea will be served with sandwiches made with fresh bread.

Kayak trips are also highly recommended as the interactions between the animals and you are much more intenses. Your guide Jeanne will transmit you her passion for this wonderful ecosystem.

The distance is about 5km on the sea, but it depends on where the animals are and can be shorter.

For the birdlovers, an excursion of this kind will give you the opportunity of observing the following birds: White Chinned Petrel, Wilson’s Storm Petrel, Cape Gannet, Black Oyster catcher, flamingoes (greater and lesser) and even the Jackass Penguin who comes from time to time.