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Namibian coast, thanks to the benguela current system, offers unique boat cruise opportunities: kayak, quad tours and scenic flights.
Fishing is not an exception, based on the catch-and-release concept. 3 options are possible, all accompanied by professionnal locals.

Beach fishing by Landrover

Beach Fishing by Landrover lasts for approximately 8 hours.
This tour takes place between Swakopmund and Mile 108.

Different species can be caught such as Kabeljou, Steenbras,
Blacktail and Galjoen. A variety of shark such as Coppershark, which can weigh up to 160kg,
Spotted Gully shark and Hound shark are also caught.

Fishing by ski-boat

Fishing by Ski-Boat last for approximately 6 hours.
This tour takes place between Vierkantklip and mile 14.
Launching takes place from the Swakopmund Mole.

A large variety of fish can be caught, e.g. Kabeljou, (cob)
Steenbras, Blacktail, Barbel, Spotted Gullyshark and Houndshark.

Deep Fishing by Ski-boat

Deep sea fishing by Ski-Boat last for approximately 8 – 10 hours.
This tour is only available during November to March. Snoek and Yellow Tail are caught about 40-60 km from shore.