Ethnic Tourism In Namibia



Namibia with a dozen ethnic groups offers various opportunities to meet the main ones with the Bushmen and Himba.

Ethnic tourism is a very sensitive issue and the expectations of visitors are often frustrated at the difficulties of this difficult encounter genuine. But also every day of your trip depending on the region you cross, you will see the types and morphologies of the populations vary greatly.

Each region and dominated by a type of population, Bastard in Rehoboth south of Windhoek, the Nama in the South, in the Damara Damaraland, in the Caprivi Caprivians with Losi, Tswana, kawango … This does not necessarily correspond to the barrel exotic than it is to meet ethnic, but the petrol station, shops, lodges and camps you will have many opportunities to meet the cultural diversity of Namibia. It depends when you award him interest.

The human encounters are not products but must remain natural and spontaneous and can not be enforced if they are to be authentic. Your camera can be such a barrier.

Similarly for donations, we are not promoting necessarily. The Namibian people are autonomous and proud, and most gifts (notebooks, pens, candy …) only encourage begging, creating gaps in the low tourist season …

“The Ethno-tourism can perhaps be a way of life for people faced with the question of their survival, physical and cultural, but in this condition, decisive, they are the instigators, not the extras. Jean-Claude Monod.

Experiments conducted ethno well can be beneficial to both visited and visitors. For this, we recommend where possible to use the services of professionals. For example Kaokoland, visiting a village may be organized as an activity by a lodge (Omarunga Camp Epupa Camp Palmwag Lodge, Opuwo Country Hotel, Nhoma Camp Ohakane Lodge, Lodge Seisfontein …)