The forest, woodlands and floodplains of Moremi provide quite a contrast with the other parks and reserves in Botswana, which can present a harsher, starker side of nature. Moremi offers a gentler side.
There are scenes, such as Xaxanaka lagoon at sunrise and the Third Bridge at sunset, which will remain in your mind’s eye long after you have left.

The reserve is situated in the eastern reaches of the Okavango Delta. It combines mophane wooldland and acacia forest, floodplains and lagoon. Indeed it is the great diversity of plant and animal life which makes Moremi so well known. Depending on the season, and your luck, you might see nearly every Botswana’s animal species in Moremi.

A safari around Moremi is the best complement to a mokoro ride through the Delta.

The best time to visit Moremi is from May to September, when driving and camping conditions are optimal and when you will probably see most game.

To get there : You must have a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Overnight in the reserve is an unforgettable experience, lions, hyaenas, elephants, hippos, baboons all mammals may croos the camp. We recommand you the use of an experienced tour guide or to stay in one of the lodges on or nearby the reserve (see accomodations page).

Moremi is the first wildlife sanctuary in Southern Africa created by an African tribe on their own land. This reserve was established in 1963 ny the Tawana people of Ngamiland because of their growing concern for the dwindling numbers of animals in the area.


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