Uris Lodge

Camping area (!Uris Safari Lodge), North Namibia, Namibia, Namibia


Uris Lodge is located between Tsumeb and the entrance of Etosha National Park.


The restaurant Uris Safari Lodge offers breakfast, lunch and dinner by candlelight. Dinners are served in the dining room or in the boma. The lodge has a wine cellar that you can visit. To relax, nothing like a dip in the pool or a massage by the masseuse of the hotel on reservation.


Historically there were 8 houses inhabited by miners in the early 90s. These houses have been renovated and equipped with all modern comforts: air conditioning, private bathroom, screens, hairdryer, electric kettle, safe. The lodge can accommodate a maximum of 42 guests in 14 rooms scattered in 7 chalets.


The lodge offers a nature drive in the afternoon to go see elk, kudu, and all kinds of nocturnal animals.
You can also rent an ATV to visit old mines and Lake Otjikoto. When walking tours, you’ll have the opportunity to observe all kinds of animals and trees:

(Acacia Fleckii, Acacia Tortilis, Albizia Anthelmintica, Berchemia Discolor, Combretum Apiculatum, Combretum Erythrophyllum, Combretum Imberbe, Commiphora Africana, Commiphora Tenuipetiolata, Dicrostachys Cinerea, Grewia Flava, Kirkia Acuminate, Lonchocarpus Nelsii, Moringa Ovalifolia, Mundulea Sericea, Peltophorum Africanum, Sclerocarya Birrea, Spirostachys Africana, Terminalia Prunioides).