Klein-Aus Vista Desert Horse Campsite, On the B4 main road to Luederitz, Aus, Namibia
  • Bar
  • Restaurant



Klein-Aus Vista is situated 3 km west of Aus on the B4 road to Luderitz town, it’s where the Aus mountain meets desert plains and dunes, and it is the perfect place from which to explore the southern part of Namibia. This area is part of the four deserts of Namibia i.e. the Nama Karoo (Gondwana Canyon), Succulent Karoo (Gondwana Sperrgebiet Rand) and the Namib Desert (Gondwana Namib). These four deserts offer an incredible diversity of scenery and habitants. In these deserts rain comes in summer, there, in winter and many plants and animals are endemic as they have created their own niche by adapting to the specific conditions over millions of years.

Facilities available:

Restaurant, bar, lounge & sundowner deck, cozy fire place, kitchenette, en-suite facilities and private veranda with breathtaking views.


  • Rock bungalows with private veranda and living
  • Cottages
  • Camping